Miraculous Coconut Oil 🌴 

Hi! Of course this blog is mostly for my art, but I have so many interests that I thought I’d share some of the health, wellness, and beauty tips I’ve learned through the years of being an ugly teenager XD

The first thing I want to mention is, of course, Coconut Oil! This stuff has helped me a lot because I have the worst kind of combination, sensitive skin (it seems to manage to be extremely dry while simultaneously feeling oily/break out-y).

I like to use Louana Coconut Oil because it’s super cheap!

There are so many uses for Coconut Oil and it lasts SO long (as long as you don’t drop the open jar when the Oil has liquefied… like I’ve done about a million times). You’ll never need lotion, shaving cream, or anything like that again!
There is ONE little piece of information that took me a while to learn, however- don’t just slather on some Oil and leave it there because then it becomes exactly as it sounds… oily >_< I wait to use it until I’m in the shower so that I can wash it off after a few minutes! I use it on my face before washing it with a gentle cleanser and on my legs/body following suit. It makes a great, inexpensive shaving cream too :3

I hope that that was helpful!

Do you guys use Coconut Oil or something similar? I’d really love to hear your opinions/advice/experiences!
❤ BUG 🐞

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