Chocolate Almond Coffee

Yes! It’s a new ‘healthy’ coffee recipe! XD (I mean, it´s healthy compared to the junk I normally eat. I don´t know about you!)

Chocolate Almond Coffee – in my favourite new cup atop the amazing invention, the beverage warmer.

I recently discovered Almond Breeze’s Chocolate Almond Milk. At first I was a bit put off by the nutty flavour but once I sort of accepted that it wasn’t supposed to taste like dairy milk, I actually enjoyed it :3

Source –
Nutrition information for 1 Cup of Almond Breeze Chcolate Milk (Source –

I bought the small cartons and (because I’m a Chocoholic) added an entire bottle (240ml/8oz) to about half the amount of black coffee. I also tried to make the coffee a little bit stronger (more grounds, less water with a pinch of salt in the filter). Then of course, the treat all comes together when you serve it in your favourite cup!

I hope you enjoy!

P.S. – Be sure to be aware of allergens and all that nonsense :3 Also, I’ve heard a lot of varying opinions about the health benefits of Almond Milk. All I know is that it tastes good and it has a bit less sugar and a few more vital nutrients than typical chocolate milk.

Let me know your opinions!

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