Welcome to the New Coffee & Chocolate! ☕️

I am currently in midst of transforming Coffee & Chocolate into an ART BLOG!

The idea behind this is for me to organize my sections more efficiently but also to make the reader’s experience better. I want to provide resources for artists to reference back to. I will also include –

  • Walther Comic Strip
  • My Art and Sketches and Things for Sale (through my LoveBug Project)
  • Art (and related) Tutorials (Requests appreciated)
  • Artsy Reference Photos (taken by me unless otherwise specified) made specifically for artists (including but not limited to still life, people, and animals)
  • Inspiration Ideas and Featured Artists (Recommendations appreciated)
  • Documentation of my Adventures (Personal Posts)
  • HAPPINESS THROUGH ART – using art to spread happiness and inspiration ❤️


☀️ I am a nursing student who has a passion for art and learning. After many years of experiencing painful, chronic illnesses I feel as though I’m losing my ability to be creative. I can’t let pain and sadness rule my life however, so I forced myself to continue creating even if I had zero drive and inspiration. However, this method has caused the natural creativity to begin creeping back!

☀️ I want to share my art inspire other artists and those going through difficult times. I also hope to sell custom paintings to, of course, maintain what income I can but more so to donate 50% of that income to (a nonprofit organization that offers SMA Syndrome patients grants and support).

Thank you for visiting!


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