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Thunderstorm in Blues

($15.00) Please visit my Etsy to purchase! ❤️

A painting that I made of a colourful thunderstorm and lightning strike. As you can probably already tell, thunderstorms are some of my favourite subjects to paint :3

This piece is part of my #LoveBugProject meaning that if you are to purchase, then 50% of the total sale price will be donated to (a nonprofit organization that aims to support patients suffering from the extremely rare and life-altering condition, Superior Mesenteric Artery Syndrome).

Please share this post if you can! Thank you 😊

❤️ 🐞

Please purchase ‘Thunderstorm’ HERE or e-mail me at if you would rather do PayPal or if you have a request for a custom painting :3

I ❤️ you!

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