Diary 19 Nov 2019 – One More Day!

•••> Once again I am here at the clinic getting my daily 2L of saline. BUT! Tomorrow is the last day that I have to do this because I will finally be getting my portacath on Thursday morning. From there, my primary care doctor has ordered bags of saline that I can infuse myself at home!

Saline and Coffee make a good morning time cocktail 😜

•••> This Morning at the clinic was a little scary. The nurses had a lot of difficulty accessing a vein and I was afraid that they simply wouldn’t be able to. When this happens, they send me to the emergency room and I am alllll done with emergency rooms, thank you very much. It took seven sticks but they were eventually able to get a vein! I get very excited when I hear them snap back that safety needle from the catheter 🤪 it signals success!

Despite the trouble this morning, this clinic is *very* good at accessing my fickle, fragile veins and so my arms are finally beginning to heal.

More creative placement; you can actually see the line of holes where they’d been accessing a particularly cooperative vein.

•••> So I’ve just now finished my second liter of saline and am about to head out and get some Coffee! No matter how many times I get my infusions, I will always be thrilled (and surprised) with how much better I feel after IV fluids. I get so excited and am subsequently able to actually accomplish intended (but often abandoned) tasks. I can walk with my puppy and clean and help my family make dinner. I can’t WAIT until I’m able to feel this way ALL THE TIME! And AT HOME ~~ 🥰 !!

I’m so haaappppyyyy ~ !! 🥰

•••> P.S. – There’s a nice little garden out in front of the clinic… I can’t imagine how strange I looked stepping through it and taking photographs outside the windows, but I couldn’t resist :3

Beautiful beads of water on a spider web in the bushes


Just a pretty little draped tree

•••> Have a good day ~ 💜 🐾 !!

❤ Jacquelyn

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