Diary 21-22 Nov 2019 – Portacath

•••>Yesterday, 21 November, I finally got my Portacath placed. I was so excited as I imagined that achieving venous access was no longer something I needed to worry about.

Just out of Surgery with some art on my neck

•••> Naturally, the nurse was unable to get a vein in my arm and I had to wait for Anaesthesia to come and do it instead. Thankfully, she managed to get it!

Peace out ~ I went to the store afterward with that orange stuff smeared up my face

•••> All seemed to have gone well.

Sedation can’t keep down for very long!

•••> I was up and about the moment I opened my eyes. And poking stuff. My surgeon (who is awesome) slapped my hand away when I prodded the site and the nurses kept telling me to sit down. I always feel like I have a lot of energy when I come out of anaesthesia… 🤔 but then one of the nurses sat down beside me and we delighted in going through photos of our dogs ❤

My new “ID Card” and info pamphlet. I got a little bitty “low profile” portacath.

•••> Wooo! See ya surgery center!

🥳 ☮️ ✌🏻

•••> Buuuuut the home care nurse team ended up losing my case somewhere in the system and, though they were supposed to come yesterday (21 Nov), they told me that they would instead come this morning (22 Nov). I called and they told me they didn’t see any orders for me. After a while of harassing them, they searched around and found me in the pile of stuff waiting to be processed. They decided that they would instead come out tomorrow (23 Nov) morning :/

•••> Because my hydration was put off, I had to go back to the urgent care for an IV. Instead of having to dig around in my arms however, they decided to use my new portacath (having been in place for a little over 24 hours by that point). It is massively swollen and the nurse was unsure if she’d even gotten the needle through the hub. She got a bit of blood back and managed to flush it. So she hooked me to the fluids and my shoulder blew up.

Fluid was being pumped beneath my skin instead of into the IV line—OUCH!

•••> We’re not 100% certain if it infiltrated entirely, but it certainly felt like it. I’m not sure what happened, but I’ve been looking forward to not having to worry about my veins, so I certainly hope it’s just because it’s new and swollen.


P.S. 23 November 2019:

•••> It’s a new day and despite my anxiety, the home care nurses came and successfully accessed my port! No more fluid under the skin yuck and the IV nurse taught me how to use the pump and everything. It will be FOUR HOURS per 1000ml bag booo but that’s okay. I can do it at night 🙂

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