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Gastroparesis Ribbon Bracelet

GP Ribbon – 100% of these sales will be donated to my sick friend

This item was/will be made (made to Order) specifically to raise money for my very sick friend (if you’d like to learn more or donate, visit OLESYA’S HOPE FUND). Please purchase HERE (I’m so sorry for the awful photograph! I intend on replacing it once I actually learn something about product photography). 

Thank you! ❤️ 

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SMAS & GP Awareness Bracelets

So I have a new addition to the LoveBug Project, and that’s handmade Bracelets! I will give you a lil preview and soon post them on my Etsy page for ‘made to order’ product (in other words, it’s a constant product that never runs out of stock).

This is the unfinished prototype for the Bracelet project. This one is for GP of course and the SMAS is violet.

I hope you like it and please peruse my Etsy if you get a chance :3

You can read about the LoveBug Project HERE.