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The LoveBug Project for the Chronically Ill


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The idea of this project is to help my friends who are having difficulties with their debilitating chronic illnesses. My focus is primarily on Superior Mesenteric Artery Syndrome but also includes Gastroparesis, Dysautonomia, and their associated conditions.


ART includes…

🍓 Pre-Made Art – Of course I will ALWAYS be creating art in my downtime and most of it will be included in the LoveBug Project. To browse my current art for sale, please visit my Etsy Store (products include, but are not limited to, Watercolour paintings, lineart for sale and/or use as colouring pages, handmade plushies and jewelry).

Examples of past pre-made art

🍓Paintings/Drawings (Pre-made or by request – I offer traditional media such as Watercolour (my favourite 🎨), Ink, Pencil, and Acrylic. I ALSO offer digital painting (made with Programmes such as Procreate and Corel Painter X).

Examples of Paintings/Drawings

🍓 Illustration for literature, graphic novels, medical/educational charts, etc.

Examples of Illustrations

🍓 Keepsakes (Such as art for baby’s room, personalised paintings including text/quotes/baby’s name, etc.)

Examples of Keepsakes

🍓 Jewelry/Accessories (Simple/Single-Strand, Bead Loom Creations (see my own patterns here OR download my blank template so that you can design your own!), Woven Bracelets, Necklaces, Earrings, Survival Bracelets, etc.

Examples of Jewelry

🍓 Party Favours (Center pieces/silk flower arrangements, little jewelry/accessories, Origami, or anything you may want!

🍓 Custom Greeting Cards (For Birthdays, Thank Yous, Get Well Soon, Holidays, Wedding, Love, or whatever occasion you may need!)

Examples of Greeting Cards

🍓 Photography (Most of my photography will be my own subjects (my favourite being animals and nature), but ARE for sale as prints on high-quality photo paper… in whatever size you like!) If you live in the Boston area, I would be more than willing to work out a shoot with you! And finally, if you have taken your own photograph and would like to send it to me for editing, I would be more than happy to do so (I do indeed know how to use Photoshop but my preferred programme is Corel Painter).

Examples of my Photography

🍓 Music – COMING SOON!

—–> Don’t hesitate to request something different or intricate…




Well quite simply, I want to gather as much money as I’m able to give to my fellow Superior Mesenteric Artery Syndrome patients (donated to



I want to donate 50% of all the profits from this project to either Staci and Tara Gruber’s SMA Syndrome Foundation or my extremely ill friend, Olesya. (❗️NOTE – You will NOT be charged any extra fee for donating. That comes out of my profits only! ❗️)

For more information about Superior Mesenteric Artery Syndrome and Olesya’s Health Struggle, I will provide a few links for you to peruse if you please :3




🔹SMAS WIKIPEDIA (written by fellow SMAS survivor, Samantha Mina)



In order to help, please browse my Etsy Shop (any piece that is involved with LoveBug donations will be CLEARLY marked).

You may also request your own custom piece by filling out my simple lil Commission Form.




My Etsy Page is where I will sell my ‘pre-made’ creations (Creations which are part of my LoveBug Project will be labeled specifically). HOWEVER, if you do want to make a special request there are a few options for payment…

1 – When completed, I will post your custom piece in my Etsy shop where you can easily purchase it through Etsy itself (I will still get the money and calculate the donation).

2 – I can send you your piece directly (whether by post, electronically, or both) and you can either mail a check or (preferably) use PayPal.



Please visit the PRICING PAGE for more information.



🔹Most of my drawings/paintings are ink & watercolour. I will indeed send you the original painting but in the case of a CG request, I will send you the FULL SIZE file in whatever format you’d like (.jpg, .psd, .riff… etc. etc,)

🔹Any jewelry will be mailed to you upon completion (Larger Items will require a small shipping fee).

🔹Upon request, please indicate which cause you would like your sale to go towards (Staci’s SMAS or Olesya’s Hope).



  • Please visit THIS PAGE to learn more about these life-altering diseases
  • Please visit THIS PAGE to see profiles/stories/contact information of fellow survivors and/or their families/caregivers.



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Sugar Alternatives & Coffee Recipes ☕️ 

Source –
While researching the different types of sugar, I came across this article that I thought was very helpful in choosing a healthier alternative.

In regards to coffee ☕️…

I have two favourite little ‘recipes’. 

First is a basic recipe for everyday coffee and has only 1g of sugar –

  • 1 Cup of Black Coffee (0g Sugar)
  • 2 TBSP of Organic Valley Half & Half (1g Sugar)
  • Stevia (to taste) (0g Sugar)

Source –

The second is a bit more sugary but so much tastier because… (drumroll) … it has both coffee and chocolate! 

  • 1 Cup of Black Coffee (0g Sugar) 
  • 1 Packet of Swiss Miss Classic Marshmallow Hot Chocolate (11g of Sugar)

Source –

I prefer the marshmallow packet because if you let them melt into the coffee it adds a bit of creaminess :3 
Another coffee tip (jeah, I know I have a problem XD) This one is if you’re trying to do the ‘healthy coffee thing’ – 

  • 1 Cup of Black Coffee (I like New England Brand)
  • A Pinch or Two of Table Salt (significantly reduces the bitterness of black coffee but be careful that you add it little by little so that you don’t end up with a salty morning drink!) 

Source –

P.S. These are all personal recipes. I’ve not done much scientific research regarding sugars or the physical chemistry yet, but I have been a coffee addict for many years 😉 

Thanks for visiting me ❤️ 🐞 

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Spot Treatment

Okay so… when I was growing up I had horrible acne and (so frustratingly) sensitive skin. I had no concept at all of how to treat my skin ‘kindly’. I abused astringent and (3%) Salicylic Acid thinking that the harsher the product, the better it was. I can´t tell you how much my face burnt! Especially around my eyes, which became red and Tuberculosis-like o_Ö

Anyway, eventually I learned my lesson and stopped trying to burn my face off. I discovered that it mattered more so the calming, soothing effect of whatever  I used. I stopped using any kind of acne medication (except for an oral antibiotic, which gave me a good kick-start to not looking like a leper). I also learned about spot treatments. Obviously it´s exactly as it sounds – using a concentrated, localised medication only on active blemishes so that you don´t overdo it on healthy skin.


Tea Tree Oil Blemish Stick by Burt’s Bees is my favourite :3

I’ve tried various spot treatments like Proactiv, Neutrogena, and Clean and Clear. I like the Burt’s Bees spot treatment best because a) while it´s a bit more money than some others (About 10usd), it lasts so much longer and smells a hell of a lot better and b) it works better!

I hope this is helpful! Do you have any suggestions for products that you like best?

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Miraculous Coconut Oil 🌴 

Hi! Of course this blog is mostly for my art, but I have so many interests that I thought I’d share some of the health, wellness, and beauty tips I’ve learned through the years of being an ugly teenager XD

The first thing I want to mention is, of course, Coconut Oil! This stuff has helped me a lot because I have the worst kind of combination, sensitive skin (it seems to manage to be extremely dry while simultaneously feeling oily/break out-y).

I like to use Louana Coconut Oil because it’s super cheap!

There are so many uses for Coconut Oil and it lasts SO long (as long as you don’t drop the open jar when the Oil has liquefied… like I’ve done about a million times). You’ll never need lotion, shaving cream, or anything like that again!
There is ONE little piece of information that took me a while to learn, however- don’t just slather on some Oil and leave it there because then it becomes exactly as it sounds… oily >_< I wait to use it until I’m in the shower so that I can wash it off after a few minutes! I use it on my face before washing it with a gentle cleanser and on my legs/body following suit. It makes a great, inexpensive shaving cream too :3

I hope that that was helpful!

Do you guys use Coconut Oil or something similar? I’d really love to hear your opinions/advice/experiences!
❤ BUG 🐞