Coffee and Chocolate

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•••> This wasn’t actually Naples (Florida), but the tropical scene reminded me of it. I was supposed to go down there on 5 November to visit my boyfriend, but it was shortly after my surgery and I had to cancel….

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Moon Fishing

It was some picture I thought of in a dream once. I didn’t re-create it quite right, but it was something like this. This Image was a Commission that was sold to a friend of mine for my LoveBug Project….

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Walther’s Halloween Special

I’m kinda late, but I still wanted to have a little Walther Halloween feature! This is actually an older Comic, but I really like it 🙂 ~ ••• ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ••• ~ 🍁 Feeling: Hungry & Hopeful ~•~•~ a…

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Welcome to the New C&C

☕️ Welcome to the new Coffee & Chocolate! ☕️ 🍁 Feeling: Relaxed 😌 🍁 Eating: Saltines 🍞 🍁 Thinking: About how much I want Coffee ☕️ I have been working on new designs and ideas for my website and business in…

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