Coffee and Chocolate

Moon Fishing

It was some picture I thought of in a dream once. I didn’t re-create it quite right, but it was something like this.

This Image was a Commission that was sold to a friend of mine for my LoveBug Project.


☕️ Drinking: Coffee ☕️
🍁 Thinking: *…and not to hear the answer, but just to hear the call of a Nightbiiiiird! Singin’ come away! Come away!* -aaaannnd jazz hands!-
🌿 Smoking: Blue Dream Dab 🤤


Walther’s Halloween Special

I’m kinda late, but I still wanted to have a little Walther Halloween feature! This is actually an older Comic, but I really like it 🙂

~ ••• ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ••• ~

🍁 Feeling: Hungry & Hopeful ~•~•~ a lovely mix ☺️
🍁 Eating: Crackers 🤤
🍁 Thinking: About Getting Dunks on my Way Home 🤔 ☕️

~ ••• ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ••• ~

Welcome to the New C&C

☕️ Welcome to the new Coffee & Chocolate! ☕️

🍁 Feeling: Relaxed 😌
🍁 Eating: Saltines 🍞
🍁 Thinking: About how much I want Coffee ☕️

I have been working on new designs and ideas for my website and business in general and I’m very excited to begin posting Art again! I would *love* feedback, both on my drawings and the website itself. Thank you for visiting ~~ 💜




Here is my little baby Basenji, Thor 💕 Supposedly, the Basenji inspired the design of Anubis and were beloved by the Egyptians for their cat-like appearance/behaviour :3 They originate however, from the Congo and are used as hunting companions (as well as to flush lions out of their dens!!)